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Saturday, June 18, 2011

Rattus's Word of the Week: Twitter

Twitter (noun):
1. a succession of chirping or other tremulous sounds, as that made by birds
2. similar tremulous sounds in human communication, as in chattering, giggling or other expletives
3. the typed micromessages sent and received on an electronic device (cell phone or computer) via the social networking service provider by the same name
4. a descriptive for the current culture (as in "Twitter Culture") of ceaseless, fragmented transmissions via one of countless communication methods
5. the final tremulous sounds or gasps upon the death of the remaining 3 seconds of uninterrupted time in the day


Angelsdoor * Penny said...

I would say that about sums it up!
Great word of the week Rattus..

Thank you so much for visiting Bebe in Italy.. Your kinds words gave me such a smile.. Bebe and I wish to thank you for the party at Nowhere and the compliment on her painting smock..I will bring my own lamshade..
With great admiration
Penny and Bebe

George the Lad said...

Mom won't let me Twitter, my blog takes up to much time she says, I don't know why!! its me that does the posts.
The birds Twitter to me also, why is it I can never seam to see them? and as for mom and dad well the things I hear them Twitter about!! sometimes it turns into a squawk!!!
I better go I can her mom twittering something "whats that mom, OK in a minute"
Have a good week Rattus
See Yea George xxx

Fete et Fleur said...

Hi, Ruben (from Bill AND Nancy),
Ah, those last few minutes of uninterrupted time! Seems to me all of our gadgets make us even more isolated in crowds, but less aware of it, like a wired-up frog in an electronic kettle. Are we also facing the death of the spontaneous conversation with a stranger on the plane or train which changes our lives in some wonderful forever way? Just wondering . . .